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Client Login

Introduction to Your Portal

Our Portal is an easy-to-use tool that allows Thomas & Thomas PLLC to securely exchange files with you using an intuitive folder structure, just like on your computer. You will receive email notifications when a portal is created for you that include a link to your portal and your temporary password.

Logging In to Your Portal

Your email address is your Login ID. The first time you login to Portal, use the temporary password sent to you in an email notification. Please email to get an invitation to use our portal. If you ever forget your password, click the Forgot Your Password link.


Portal Login


Securely Upload Files

You can also use the form below to upload files securely to our portal. From the dropdown menu, select the individual at our firm who should receive the file, enter your name and email address, and drag or browse files for uploading. 


Web Conference Login

In addition to the secure portal, we also utilize GoToMeeting to provide remote assistance. The password to access the remote session will be provided at the time of the meeting. 


Web Conference Login